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4 Ways To Make Money From A New Blog

On the internet today, there are many ways to make money online from home. One of such is BLOGGING.

Blogging has been a great way to build an online presence and audience. Also, when done right, it can be utilized to make money from.

There are many ways to make money from a new blog which I will explain to you in the article.

New blogs too can make money for you, only when you know the right way.

Don’t ever think it is only old and big blogs (high traffic)  blogs that makes money online. 

NO, that was never a rule.

Sincerely, this blog was 3 months old when I started earning on it. And I am still making money till date.

This isn’t bragging.

I’m just letting you know that I know what I am discussing with you well, and I only share what i have tested and confirmed working here on CyberConnect NG.

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One thing you should know is this;

Before you make money from your new blog, you must be having daily visitors on it.

This might be over 100 visitors or more on daily basics.

ways to make money from a new blog
You can make it from week 1, depends on how hard working you are.

4 Ways To Make Money From A New Blog

Below, I have explained 6 verified ways with which you can make money from your blog as a newbie.

Make sure to be calm and also, understand them well.

  1. Sponsored Adverts Placements: These are the likes of google adsense, propeller ads, infolinks and so on. They will pay you for placing their ad codes on your blog for impressions and clicks.

Some Ad network like, BMFads, and infolinks will require you to have certain amount of regular visitors before they accept you into their network and yet, there are still some that will accept you even with no visitors, eg, propellerads.

2. Self Sponsored Adverts Placement: These are ads you placed yourself and you are being paid directly to. It  might be from a company or business owner who would like to advertise on your blog.

These types of adverts are the best when you have potential advertisers wanting ad spaces on your blog.

To make money with this method, you also need some amount of regular visitors on your blog. This will attract advertisers to want to book an ad space on your blog.

3. Ebook and Products Sales: This is the selling of products, eg. eBooks on your blog. An example is my guide on how to start data bundle reselling business in Nigeria. This guide has me making good amount of money when month when summed.

So, create your product. Something you know people are desperately wanting information on and are ready to pay for, Package it and place its advert on your blog.

4. Services: If you are good at something, lets say programming. You can let your readers know you can create a website or blog for their business. Let them know the advantages of creating one and hiring you to do it. This pays off too.

Having known all these ways to make money from a new blog, I will expect you to start taking actions on any one that you feel comfortable with now.

Making money online is easy only when you start it well.

Make good use of SEO practices on you blog and leave the rest to SERPS.

If there’s any question, kindly drop then in the comments section.

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Hope Adeniran

A Nigerian entrepreneur blogger, Fish technologist and tech savvy. I write for blogs including You can connect with me on

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