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Wakanda Income Program (Earn Over N10000 Weekly With This Tips)

Wakanda Income Program is one of the best news website to visit when it comes to making money reading news and sharing them online. is new though, yet, it’s paying her members regularly. This wakanda Nation Income Program Review covers all you need to know about this service.

It now seem firms are following one another’s path. Before, it was nnu income program, now wakanda has launched.

I am not saying is off business,NO. What i mean is, there is another version of it.

You know, someone needs to feel the market too. Help your neighbor as yourself…

I will keep this wakanda income review brief and understandable as always, so no time to rush. You won’t spend up to 4 minutes on this, I promise.

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Wakanda Income Program Review

wakanda income program

This wakanda review is based on what you are offered, my experience and research. You can quickly register on wakanda here.

So I don’t care if you hit this page with any of these search terms;

Wakanda nation login review

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wakanda income program.

What I will tell you is; You are on the right page!!!

Who is is owned and managed by Ladina Integrated Service, a Legally registered I.T. business in Nigeria with CAC NO: BN-2558110.  Address: Block A47 Royal Estate, Galadimawa, Abuja.  Phone: +2347069694497.

What wakanda offers its users?

Wakanda makes it possible for her users to make money online. Mainly for your activites online.

So, this means you won’t just be wasting time chatting online, you will be making some cash as well.

How you will earn include:

  • Daily login(s) into your account.
  • Sharing your allocated sponsored posts
  • Making relevant comment(s) on topics.
  • Inviting someone to join the program too.

Those are the basic ways wakanda gives you money.

How much you can earn from income program?

Well, well. This actually depends on you. Yeah.

Your actions and activities will speak here. But, for an average person (the busy types), you can earn over #10,000 monthly.

And that is enough (though earning more is great) for you as it would be a side job. Register here on wakanda now

You can earn on Wakanda Income Program in 2 ways; review

  1. WADS: Wakanda Adverts-Revenue Sharing Program.
  2. WAP: Wakanda Affiliate Program
WADS (Wakanda Adverts-Revenue Sharing Program)

On this, you will earn for daily logins, sharing posts to your facebook timeline and commenting on topics.

Here’s a breakdwn with amount to be earned;

  • #50 for daily login(s).
  • #50 for sharing a sponsored post.
  • #1 for making a comment.

And as for the other earning type, which is;

WAP (Wakanda Affiliate Program)

You will earn for bringing someone into the program.

That is, when you refer someone and that person activates his/her account, you earn.

Whenever there is an activated account, you will earn #1000.

You can locate your affiliate link in the affiliate area section in you dashboard.

Some calculations;

So for an average man, a month’s income could be:

#50 (daily logins) * 30days = #1500.

#50 (shared posts) * 30days = #1500.

#1000 (invited members) * 8 in 30days = #8000.

So, total earnings for a month = #11,000.

When you try inviting 2 new members a week. That’s not hard.

What is the account activation fee?

You can get your account activated with a one time fee of #1300. You can register and pay by clicking here now.

How you can activate your account

Activating your account can be done in three ways.

  1. Online/MasterCard payments: you pay with your ATM card on the website for instant activation.
  2. Coupon code: This method is instant activation, you need to get purchase a coupon code (same price) to apply when registering. you can contact me for this, my contact is added below this article.
  3. Bitcoin Payment: pay with cryptocurrency worth $3.30 into their wallet address which can be found on their website.

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum amount you must have in your account before requesting for a payout is #4000.

When are payments sent?

Your withdrawal request are approved and paid into your registered bank account on Sundays. meaning, you get paid every Sunday once you reach the account threshold.

Where to fill in your bank account details?

bank account details can be filled on the affiliate area page after successful payments.

How do i register on wakanda?

You can become a wakanda member by clicking the button below,

Click Here To Register On Wakanda Nation Now

For instant account activation, I strongly advise buying coupon code to complete your registration.

You can contact these coupon vendors for coupon codes at the rate of #1300 (same as registration fee, no charges).

1. Armstrong Ophoke – 08149702181

2. Afees Adepoju – 08108773588

How do I locate sponsored posts to share?

you can always find your assigned sponsored posts when you visit the affiliate area.

Registering on wakanda income program is very easy, you can use coupon code to even make your registration faster.


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