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Create PayPal Account That Receives And Send Money In Nigeria

Making money online is so cool if you know how to do so. But receiving the money can be somehow difficult. Some merchants would have PayPal as their only payout method, and if you don’t have one, you will find it difficult to create one as it’s restricted to receive funds here in Nigeria. That is why I will teach you how to create paypal account that receives and sends money in Nigeria.

How can you now receive your hard-earned PayPal fund here in Nigeria? I have revealed the secret to open PayPal account successfully in Nigeria.

Secret To Run A USA PayPal Account Successfully In Nigeria

Please note that this tutorial is only for unverified USA PayPal accounts and Verified PayPal accounts for Lethoso and UAE. You can receive and send money with unverified USA PayPal account.

 Why You Should Have A PayPal Account That Send And Receives Money

As an online money-maker, either you are an internet marketer or freelancer; you need to receive payments from your clients.

Some websites will only allow affiliates to withdraw through PayPal and if an affiliate does not have one, that’s a loss to the affiliate.

That’s why I have made this guide available here on CyberConnect NG.

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PayPal doesn’t allow Nigerians to receive money, they only allow us to send money. So, we must find a way of getting our money out of our affiliated websites and, here is the way…

But, before we move on, let me show you the transactions I have made on my unverified PayPal account. Screenshots attached below…



Yes, please take note that you must not receive more money into it, else your account will be frozen. So, make sure not to go above $250 in total transactions per week. 

Requirements To Create PayPal Account From Nigeria

  • Stable internet connection
  • Dedicated browser (this will be a browser you won’t use to browse other sites except for PayPal).
  • Strong and static VPN
  • New email address
  • USA phone number for activation.

How To Open PayPal Account

Switch on your data connection and open your VPN application, you can get good VPN apps from playstore.

Set your location to USA, if your VPN supports selecting server or state, you can select a state, eg, Miami.

Visit and register a personal account. Fill in the registration form with your real details such as; name and email.

Goto and get an address and area zip code.

Copy and fill them the in the appropriate box on registration page and submit.

Verify your account by clicking the verify link sent to your email address.

Your account has now been activated. You can now receive money from friend and companies.

But, before you can send money out of this your new account, you need to verify your phone number.

You can use NextPlus application on Google playstore to verify your account or if you have a virtual or real USA number, you can do it yourself.

So, whenever you want to login into your account, always make sure to put your VPN on.

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