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Bounce Rate And How To Reduce Bounce Rate?

You created a blog, published articles, drove traffic to the page and you noticed those visitors are not staying for long on your blog. This will increase your blog’s bounce rate but, I have made this comprehensive post on how to reduce bounce rate on your blog.

The rate at which people visiting your page and hitting the back button off your website is known as Bounce rate.

If you can control or know how to reduce bounce rate on your blog which I will enlighten you on in this article, you will see a dramatic change.

What is Bounce Rate?

reduce bounce rate

Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors that visit a particular website and navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. This can happen because of the reasons below.

Why Visitors Hates Your Blog?

  1. Your blog is outdated or out of contents.
  2. The contents are not unique, not helpful.
  3. You blog is flooded with advertisements.
  4. Your blog’s layout is awful.

Why Do Visitors Return To Your Blog?

There are three reasons for a visitor to return to your blog;

  1. To check if there’s something new or an update on a topic.
  2. To check if an offer is valid or wanting to see the result.
  3. Maybe they had to recheck what they already learnt from your blog.

Now, let us analyze the above three reasons and put a solution to them.

How To Reduce Bounce Rate On Your Blog?

Updating your blog: Adding new blog posts or updating your already published posts on your blog is a very important activity you must perform.

If you are writing mind-capturing content, your readers will be willing to read more posts from you.

Always make sure your content solves a problem. If they visit for up to 5days and see no new posts or post updates, they won’t think of returning to your blog/website.

That’s the point, I do this too.

Always keep your blog updated at at least 2-3 days intervals, and remember to keep using your writing skills.

Open offer to your visitors: Try out something different that hasn’t been done by your competitors and stand out. How?

Offers might be; You giving out free services to an active user (not visitors anymore). You may be selling a particular product or service and decide to give it out free to a certain set of people.
It might even be cash prizes.

Always make yourself available to your visitors: Some visitors may read your article and want to ask you some questions. Make sure you reply to your emails and comments people make on your blog.

Replying to emails and comments make your visitors know that you have their time and they will want to learn more from you.

This builds trust between you and your audience.

Minimize pictures in posts: yes, it is a good thing to include pictures in blog posts, it beautifies and brings a clearer vision of what you are writing about.

But when it’s too much, it makes the page load slower. Your visitor may be in haste to read about a particular topic but when the page loads for a longer time, he/she will have to close your blog and go elsewhere.

It’s cool to add images to blog posts but don’t flood your post with images.

Advertisement placement: it’s cool to make money from your blog/website but don’t lose your visitors because you want to make a lot of cash.

Misplacement of advertisements may disturb your visitors from concentrating on what they are reading and they won’t come back to your site.

Advert placement on your blog shouldn’t be placed anyhow. Learn about places to place advertisements on your blog without forfeiting your blog layout and losing your visitors.

Blog/Website design: having a good well-optimized blog design or theme also makes your visitor love your blog and come back.

Choose responsive designs and avoid switching designs occasionally. It confuses both you and your blog readers.

Interlinking Articles: This is the main action that can reduce bounce rate. Know on-page SEO well as it is very important in reducing a blog’s bounce rate. Link all relevant and useful articles into one another.

When you follow the above-listed steps and apply them, it will definitely reduce bounce rate on your blog.

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