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How To Receive Money With Payoneer In Nigeria

I felt happy the day I made my first dollar online, with just seeing the amount in my dashboard, I kept smiling. Though the bad news was, I couldn’t withdraw my money because I was 16, no PayPal, no bank account. I later forgot about it. Not knowing I had to make that deep research on how to withdraw my cash. Now that I am older (lol), I made a list on how to withdraw earnings online,I found one which was payoneer and it worked best for me, since then I had started to receive money with payoneer card.

I will let you know the reasons I tagged payoneer Best.

You can receive money from any part of the world with your payoneer account and withdraw locally, I mean with local MasterCard supported ATM.

Why payoneer is best option to me when there is PayPal.

Of course, I could have chosen PayPal but here in my country (Nigeria), PayPal has restricted Nigerians from receiving payments, we can only make payments.

Another reason is that I found payoneer MasterCard interesting in the sense that I can use it to make purchases online anywhere MasterCard is acceptable.

Receive money with payoneer

I hope you understand my reasons now.

How payoneer can work for you:

Believe me, using a payoneer account will make your payments go smoother, how? Imagine you are a freelancer and an international company you’re working for wants to pay you, then requests for your payoneer account ID and paid you. You can check balance and withdraw at any ATM near you, that’s without even logging in into your payoneer account online.

Registering an account with payoneer is totally free, your payoneer MasterCard is shipped for free too.

How To Register Payoneer Account


  • Active Email address
  • Your current and correct address (this will be used when shipping your MasterCard, you can change your billing address if your house address cannot be easily located).
  • Valid identification means (Driver’s license, international passport or government issued ID)
  • Information about you.

Registration is easy and totally free, visit and register,

Fill the necessary information and submit shots of your IDs.

You will get a mail that your application is under review and within 24 hours, you will get another mail notifying you your application had been approved. Details about your MasterCard arrival will be included.

The arrival is always within 2 weeks. You can start giving your clients your payoneer ID to make payments into your account.

Do you know what happens when you receive $100 payment in your account?

You will receive a whooping $25 bonus in your wallet, once you make transactions worth $100. That’s amazing right?

So don’t be left out, once your MasterCard arrives, login to your account and activate it. Then you are done.

Start receive money with payoneer today and don’t ever miss any foreign business opportunities.

Hope Adeniran

A Nigerian entrepreneur blogger, Fish technologist and tech savvy. I write for blogs including You can connect with me on

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