RantMoney Income Program (Make Over N20000 Monthly)

(Last Updated On: October 14, 2018)

RantMoney Income Program: Over the past few months, Nigerians seem to only browse the internet without getting any reward. Broad light came when NNU started paying news readers. With this innovation by NNU, other firms started following the path as such is RantMoney Income Program.

RantMoney Nigeria also known as RantHQ is a revenue sharing website that pays every of its member for reading news, commenting, sharing news and inviting others to partake in the program too.

If you have been familiar with others like NNU or Wakanda, you will probably know how these systems work. But firstly, lets head to create an account by clicking here (the registration page will open in a new tab so don’t worry, you can continue to read this Rantmoney Income program review).

So now, let’s take a walk through how you can make money on rantmoney income program and how you can withdraw it  to your bank account.

RantMoney Income Program Review

rantmoney income program
make money on rantmoney directly into your bank account

What is RantMoney Income Program All About: 

RantMoney Income Program will pay you for every activity you perform on their website. These activities are reading and commenting on news, sharing news on your social media timeline, daily logins into your account, and most of all, inviting someone to the program.

How Much Do I Earn Per Activity Performed:

Rantmoney offers a lot of ways to make money with them. This makes make stand out from others. Below, i have listed the amount you will earn based on the activities i mentioned earlier.

  • Daily Login: #50
  • Read and comment on news: #2
  • Creating a post or topic: #50
  • Share sponsored post: #50
  • Invite some to read news (when someone clicks your shared news): #2
  • Referral reads news (your registered referral reads news): #2
  • Someone Registers with your affiliate link (bonus earning): #10
  • Referral upgrades account: #1000
Here’s a screenshot of earning table from ranthq website.

What Other Ways To Earn: 

Apart from the above listed, Rantmoney also hires freelance writers. They pay #500 per article with not less than 1000 words. You can be eligible for this only when you are an upgraded member.

How Much Can I make In a Day On RantMoney Income Program: 

Like i do say, how much you earn solely depends on how hard you work. If you dedicate you time to complete as much task daily, you could be earning #300 each day.

This means you can earn over #10,000 monthly. You can definitely earn more.

How Can I Register And Upgrade My Account: 

Registration is easy. All you need to do is fill the information required of you, register and upgrade you account with #1500 only.

Click Here to register a RantMoney account.  

register on rant money
Register on rantHQ

Fill in your correct details and head over to upgrade account.

Select the pay with ATM card option, Insert your card details and confirm your transaction.

Your account will be activated instantly.

How Much Is The Minimum Withdrawal I Must Have Before Rantmoney Will Pay Me:

Its stated on rantmoney that you must have a minimum of #5000 before you can get paid.

Will I Get Paid If I Don’t Refer Anyone?

Yes, you will get paid. This is something unique about rantmoney. You don’t need to invite before getting paid. Just that, those with referrals are first paid before serving those with none.

What Time Do RantHQ Pay?

RantHQ (RantMoney) pays every month endings. From 27TH to 30TH.

How Do I Add My Bank Account Details?

Navigate to profile by clicking on your username at the top-right of the website, then click edit. Input the correct details just as seen below.

Adding bank account details.

Click on Save.

What’s Next To Do On RantMoney Income Program?

The next thing is to start making money. Don’t wait anymore as this is a legit make money program.

Click here to register on rantmoney income program now and withdraw every month ending.

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