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Own A VTU/Data Vending Website At Cheaper Price

Hello, and welcome to my blog. Today, I bring to you a mouth-watering offer, that enables you to have your own VTU and data vending portal for just a small amount you never taught of.

For you to be on this page, you must be interested in data bundle reselling business and would love to sell from your own personal website.

What Is A VTU Portal?

A VTU Portal is an online store where people pay for bills such as Mobile Data, Recharge cards, Cable TV Subscriptions Electricity Bills, etc. You will be getting these services at a fee and sell at your own price to make profits.

Example of a data/vtu vending portal : |

How To Make Profit From A VTU Website

Owing a VTU website is very profitable, unlike selling vtu services in one location, here you will be selling to different and more people across the different states.

We all know how demanding airtime and data are, almost every household in Nigeria buys airtime every day.

In a single day, over N10 billion is been traded on airtime only, now imaging adding other services to it. With VTU website you can sell your airtime, data, electricity, cable tv, etc. to thousands of people and make a huge profit monthly.

If you take the business seriously, at least you will be earning nothing less than N5000 daily in profit which is = N150,000 in 30days.

How To Own A VTU Portal?

Owing a VTU portal isn’t too difficult if you have the funds. The minimum setup of a vtu website a web developer can design for you is N75,000.

This is just the basic, for advanced features like the recharge card printing and auto wallet funding, etc would even cost you more than N120,000.

How To Own A VTU Website For N80000 N15,000

Can one really own a vtu portal for N15,000?

Yes, you can.

Here is my offer:

For the past few months, a lot of people had messaged and called me indicating interest in owning a data reselling portal, but out of 100%, just 10% can afford my minimum setup fee of N60,000.

As Such, I have decided to help just 100 People get a complete VTU Portal for N15,000 only. This offer includes a free domain and a one-year free hosting from me.

Note, if you want a .com domain or any other apart from a you will have to pay an additional N5000.

Features Of The VTU Portal?

  1. Airtime VTU
  2. Data Bundles (SME/Corporate Gifting, Direct data.)
  3. Cable TV Subscription
  4. Electricity Bills
  5. Paystack, Monnify Payment gateway.
  6. Resellers Upgrade feature.

NOTE: We can add any feature you want to your portal for a token.

Service Prices Using Our APIs

Below are the prices you will be getting from each service if you use our api.


MTN VTU: 2% off

Glo: 3%

Airtel: 3%

9Mobile: 2%

Data Bundles

MTN Data Gift: 1GB = ₦245/ GB

MTN SME: 1GB = ₦240

MTN None SME: 2.30%

GLO: 15% off

Airtel: 10%

9Mobile: 20%

Cable TV Subscription

DSTV/GoTv: 0.5%

Startimes: 0.5%

Electricity Bills:

0.5% on all electricity bills payment.

These are the prices you will be getting each services for.

Site Control

Take note of the information below

You will only be given access to your admin area, you can manage your services, set your prices and discount, etc. You won’t be given access to the portal control panel.

Also, you will only be allowed to sell our services. Kindly checkout our prices from thefortuneweb

To have access to the control panel you will have to buy your own hosting and pay a one-time fee of N50,000 then we can move your site to it.

Free Guide How To Start MTN VTU Business in Nigeria 2022


There are lots of benefits attached to this.

  • You enjoy services from our api at cheap rates.
  • You enjoy free portal hosting worth N45,000 free for 1 year.
  • Free maintenance from me for 1 year. However, you may require to pay for additional functions if needed.

Domain Name

I will give you a domain for free. However if you need a .com or .NG domain, you will pay an extra ₦5000 for .com or ₦10000 for a .NG domain.


You will be using our APIs for all services. You can use custom API if you pay the one-time fee of N50000. We can also integrate any API for you at a fee.

Payment Gateways

We have 2 automatic payment gateways integrated on the site, paystack, and monnify.

Note, to make use of them to receive payment from your portal you must register on those sites and submit your CAC documents.

If you don’t have CAC you can Register for paystack, make sure you select starter business when registering.

You won’t be required to bring CAC, however your account will be limited to receive just N2m only.

Make sure you register CAC before you reach this limit.


  • You are required to bring your domain name, please visit Whogohost and search for your domain to make sure its available for purchase before sending to us, let us know if you have issues searching for it, we will help you.
  • A gmail account and password, you can create a new gmail if you wish.
  • Your payment of N15,000.


Make your payment of 15,000 only into the account number below.

Bank Name: WemaBank

Account number: 8240317944

Account Name: Datavend-VTU

After payment, send me a message on WhatsApp with your payment receipt, your domain name and gmail credentials to 08102751724 (if no quick response in 5 to 10mins, you can call).

Your portal will be set up within 2days and delivered to you.

Note: This is a very limited offer available for 100 persons only and the price will increase to N60,000 after 100 persons are reached.

This is a limited offer, only for 100 people.

Hope Adeniran

A Nigerian entrepreneur blogger, Fish technologist and tech savvy. I write for blogs including You can connect with me on

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