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Why You Are Not Making Money Online

A lot of internet users would love to make some extra cash online. No matter how hard they had tried, they seem to always get stuck on the same spot. They are not making money online.

Now, I won’t talk to them, but to you. Because I know you really need this (no one’s a PRO afterall..).

Just like I was sometimes ago, let’s say 7-8 years ago. When all I knew about the internet was to surf it. Later, I got interest in web designs of which I took some free course on HTML in some forums.

I never knew I could be making money online not until a very faithful day. I received a message on a forum from a guy who saw one of my sites I created on Wapka.Mobi then (if you know, you will know its strictly on html for designs).

He said he need a site with same design and even offer the price first. I wasn’t really thinking about money then, so I took his offer and got his job done.

I later had up to 4 of these offers which I did and got paid before i realized I could turn it into a business.

But, it was too late when I realized this. Some guys had already taken taken over this business and it has gotten high competition…. SAD…

This has happened to lots of people who couldn’t make use of opportunities they had just like me. Which would never happen again.

Are you in the shoes of not making money online? 

You have tried many make money online schemes but none seems successful or working for you?

So you have given up on internet money making believing it’s not for you or it’s for the experts.

Well, you are definitely wrong!!!

Let me tell you why you are not making money online.

I will clearly tell you that making money online is not easy. You need to either spend your money or your time, and at times, both.

  • You are not ready to spend: This is the main cause of not making money online. You are thing the amount is too much or you want to avoid being scammed.

If you are thinking these, you will never make it online.Always keep those off your mind. If you don’t buy false, when will you buy the truth.

Of course, it’s not a good thing to get scammed but i have been duped lots of time. Eventually, I got the true one that even made me earn more than I had lost.


  • You are just afraid: Yes, you are just afraid it might not work for you. You are afraid you’re a novice and only the experts can make it through.

NO! you shouldn’t ever think that way. Those guru started from somewhere  to. Nobody’s born a genius. You too can start from anywhere and make your share.

  • You are damn lazy: Even after you read the guides and all sort, you didn’t take any step. That’s very bad. You’re thinking “I will do it when I’m free or less busy”. 

Remember, lazy people can never make money online. Making it online deserves your hard-work and perseverance.


Well friend, those are the things hindering you from not making money online. Making money online is the best thing that ever and is happening to me.

Avoid falling into victims of the aforementioned problems and I promise you, you will scale through.

Thanks for your time, and I hope this piece helped. Please make sure to share with friends by using the share buttons below. That would be a great way to thank me.

Hope Adeniran

A Nigerian entrepreneur blogger, Fish technologist and tech savvy. I write for blogs including You can connect with me on

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  2. Thanks a bunch for this helpful tips.

    Please, I want to learn Web design and and graphic design. Is there any site I can learn them free? Please help!

    1. Hello Clara, Thank you for commenting. There are lots of online resources for you to learn and practice on. One of such is You can also take online courses on Hope this help.

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