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MTN Corporate Data Gifting

Hello guys, I am here again with the long awaited article on how to start MTN corporate data gifting.

As you already know, MTN SME is kindof expensive to this MTN corporate gifting.

Some months ago, MTN introduced an educational plan, where someone can share data plans with students or assosiates to be able to gain access to the internet.

This gave birth to corporate data gifting. Which has proven to be more cheaper and lasts longer than MTN SME.

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Requirements to Start MTN Data Gifting

To start or have access to this gifting type, you need to first download the MyMTN app from playstore.

After downloading, register with your MTN number and make sure it’s connected successfully.

You will need a capital of #240,000 to start which will give you 1 terabyte worth of shareable MTN data.

This data lasts for 90days. so, you must know how to sell all before the given time, or pherhabs roll it over.

You will also need a CAC business registration license for approval into the educational program.

After all these are gotten at hand.You need to contact MTN for approval or contanct a vendor for instant activation.

Most vendor charge you between 10k to 20k for activation. This method of approval is highly recommended as it saves you alot of stress and time compared to that of MTN that takes weeks before activation.

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What next after approval?

After approval, you need to use your #2400,000 to purchase airtime.

Airtime comes in different rates from different suppliers. you can get between 82% to 87%as of now.

You can as well get the airtime from me as i am also a vendor (same applicable to account approval).

After getting the airtime, you login to the myMTN app and go to corporate gifting to purchase 1terabyte of data.

make sure your mobile number is correct and in the right box.

How to gift the data?

After sucessful purchase of plan, the next thing is to strt selling or gifting.

When your clients order, just copy their number and login to your app, click on corporate gifting and select gift data.

select the appropriate data to gift and enter the number in the required box. then click on gift data.

You have successfully sent the data to the line.

To click balance, dial *460*260# on your clients mobile.

Where to buy bulk airtime?

Do you run data business already? Because I know you’ll need airtime.

You can contact me on WhatsApp only via 08108150067. Just go straight to the point when you message me and await a response.

No WhatsApp calls please!!!

Kindly, give this post a share if you find it useful. Thanks in anticipation.

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  2. I am interested in the MTN corporate data gifting and I also want to be buying airtime from you. I have been in this business for ages. Please get back to me

  3. Hi, I am very happy to come across this. I have my CAC and the capital as well. What discourages me is the price I see on the MTN website. 1TB for coporate gifting costs about 500k. I hope that does not affect what you write here.

  4. Thanks for the information.
    Please i need your contact for airtime supply and corporate gifting information.
    Many thanks

  5. Hi, same is applicable here.

    I need you to be my airtime supplier and I will like to activate the corporate gifting too

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