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(Last Updated On: June 30, 2018)

It is not a new thing that people are now making adverts of selling cheap data bundles all over the net. And these reselling of services are being done from somewhere. Yes, that is where Mobilenig comes in.

I make use of mobilenig till date because that’s where I pay my bills and run my data selling business too. So, I have got to say “I know them well, I know the areas their services are strong as well as weak”. That is why I have made this Mobilenig Review.

MobileNig Review

Mobilenig review

What is mobilenig?

Mobilenig is a webite owned by Raolak Technologies Nigeria Limited. A company stationed in Oyo State, Nigeria. Mobilenig was designed to offer internet plans, bulk SMS, Bitcoin, Perfect money, etc. at affordable prices compared to that of normal service charge.

They claim to go into negotiations with network companies for offering that prices they offer.

What Services Does MobileNig Offer?

Mobilenig offers services such as:

  • Data plan sales
  • Bulk SMS
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Bills Payments
  • VTU Recharge
  • Gift Card Buying

How Reliable Are Their Services?

As a user of Mobilenig, I can boldly say they are reliable. Your orders are processed as fast as possible.

The only tough time you could face is when data network signal is poor. There will be a late delivery when poor signal occurs. You will see the signal box on the buy data page.

Their Customer Support Rating?

Their support is good but if I am to rate, I would rate 4 out of 5. They respond to your queries as soon as they get your message and they are helpful.

Why I rated 4 of 5 was that their response on certain issues can be so annoying (but it’s normal since we are humans and we are of different behaviors). Sorry, I won’t share what happened, its kind of funny.

Remember I mentioned earlier that I know their strong and weak areas? Yes, let’s discuss that.

MobileNig Best/Strong Areas

When it comes to internet data plans buying, VTU recharge and Bills payment, Mobilenig is best at rendering such services fast or maybe instant.

Yes, I said these because I have tested them out.

MobileNig Poor/Weak Aspect

When you plan on using their bulk SMS service, think twice. I have used this services serveral times and I got to know that a few of my messages got delivered and sometimes, none.

This is not a matter of DND (Do Not Disturb) numbers because in every sms I send, I always include my number which is not on DND and still, no delivery.

I haven’t tried out their cryptocurrency and gift card service, so I don’t have much to say on that.

Want To Contact MobileNig?

You can mail them at [email protected]

Physical office at No 36, Ifesowapo Street, Oritamerin Tioya, Ibadan, Oyo State. Nigeria.

You can visit their website

Have any inquiries to make on this mobilenig review, kindly use the comment box below.

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