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Mini Importation Business Training Guide In Nigeria 2021

Hello reader, I trust you’ve been doing great. Some months ago, I promised to share with you the complete mini importation business training guide in Nigeria for the year 2021.

Here I am. I will explain to you the nuke and cranny of this mini importation business.

But before that, let me tell you this:

There's no business that doesn't survive competition, or that won't make you rich. Your success actually depends on your commitment and how to take the business for.

That's just an advice up there.

Writing this tutorial guide on mini importation for you, and publishing it, you should known I have definitely tried it out and making a review about it.

I would say, this importation business is one of the bet business I have ever ventured into. Making 200-500% ROI in a short time has been a great achievement.

With no much talk, lets dive into our purpose here…


Mini importation business is the importing of goods from another country into your residing country in small quantities.

Anybody can go into this business irrespective of age, occupation, origin or tribe.

There are lots of benefits in this business. Though the business is saturated nowadays, but if you know how to get the right audience and market well, you will make a lot of money from this business.

The next thing is to know where and how to get these products to sell.


Sourcing for products or goods in mini importation business is not hard to come by. But, getting the right or hot selling products, and market for it is not easy.

I won't lie to you, getting hot products needs a good research.

What are hot products?

Hot products or hot selling products are products that people want really much which won't make them to think twice before paying for it.

An example is the recent trending Apple earpod. The original product is expensive which makes it hard for everyone to purchase. But, importing its cheaper ones from China, a lot of people paid for it instantly without thinking twice because they needed it desperately.

This earpod actually costs less than #700 from China, but selling it here costs not less than #4000. Imagine the huge profits if you sold 20 pieces.

That is what hot selling products means, and those are the type of products you should hunt for.

You can source for goods from China, USA and Turkey.

Importing goods from these 3 countries are quite similar and simple since you have to buy and ship.


Most importers import goods from china, because that is where they sell most of the cheapest goods.

Examples of where to buy goods in china are:

These website requires you to register before using them. is a local Chinese based market like Jumia here. It is in Chinese language. So you need a translator to effectively use the site. Goggle chrome is the recommended browser that translates site upon loading.

You will need to have a verified Alipay account to pay for goods bought on 1688.

Aliexpress is the international version of 1688. It reaches the exportation standards. But, goods bought here are a bit high in price compared to that of 1688.

Aliexpress is in English language and payment can be made with your naira debit card. All you need to do is make sure you have funds in your card before making payment.

The same is applicable to  It’s like aliexpress. Payment can be made with naira debit card.

There are varieties of products on these sites that you can surf and purchase.


After locating the products you want to buy, you can send to your Nigerian address or to a shipping agent here in Nigeria that has delivery warehouse in China.

There are many shipping agencies you can use such as skyjet, tugrow,  e.t.c.

These agents can also procure your goods on your behalf. This means you pay them in naira, while they pay for your goods in China local currency, and help you ship them to Nigeria.

When your goods get to Nigeria, they call you to come pick it up at their Lagos warehouse.

If you live in another state, they can waybill your goods to your state. You will just need to get your goods at the nearest park as negotiated.

If you decide to ship directly to your address without the use shipping agents, it takes from 3-6 moths to deliver.


Making your profit is simple. You buy cheap, you sell high.

Example: A ladies slippers might go for $2, which is equivalent to #900. You can resell at #3000, keeping of #2100.

 The pictures below illustrates better:

Here's a fruit blender on 1688 which costs #1260 (¥1 = #68 currently)
Here's the price it's sold in Nigerian market Jumia. Whooping #5240 profit.

You can see how this works now. If you can find demanding products and ship to Nigeria, you will make more money in short time.

That is how easy the business is. But, remember that it’s not always easy to sell. You need to market your products to the right audience.

I have setup a telegram group for mini importation business where we discuss challenges and solution about this business.

Feel free to join by clicking here.

Also, remember to share this article with friends on Facebook and twitter with hashtags #smallbusiness,#miniimportation,#selfboss. It’s a way to appreciate us for our efforts.

You can also check out this small business startup, where I discuss exclusively on how to start data bundle reselling business.

If you have any questions, kindly use the comment box below and I will be glad to respond asap.

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