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InstaNaira Review (Earn Free Airtime And Cash In Nigeria)

Hello readers, you must have stumbled on this either while searching for InstaNaira review or perhaps, looking for applications that can earn you some cashes, especially free airtime app in nigeria. Well, without much blabbering, let’s shoot into the main talk.

InstaNaira Review


InstaNaira is an application created by Mayorplay Media. With instanaira you easily make extra income for yourself. All you need to do is to just perform some simple tasks which includes watching videos. There are 3 video sections you can earn from on instanaira. You will get to know them as we ride on.

You might have come across a lot of apps that promises to pay you after you perform some activities but on the long run, you discovered they are scam and you just wasted your precious time. But, Instanaira is different…

How to make money on instanaira


Watching Videos: As i had mentioned above, all you need to do is watch videos from the app. These videos are just some short ones (clips), maybe 25 seconds or less. You earn 2 points for each completely watched video. Also, there are 3 video sections you can select from, but, videos are always available for you in the sponsored videos section.

instanaira review

Referring Friends: This is a great option to earn on instanaira. You earn 50 points for each user that enters your referral ID as their referral code. Your referral ID can be located in the refer and earn section on the app.

You can refer as many users as you can. But, there is a rule that the amount earned via referral income for withdrawal eligibility must contain at least half earned from watching videos.

Your referral gets 50 points also when they signup with your ID, so always encourage them to use your referral ID.

My referral code is opfYZe, if you don’t have one, you can use mine and earn 50 points.

Also, sponsored videos are always available for viewing. Whenever you finish watching one, another is available in seconds.

How To Redeem My Points For Cash Prices?

After you have reached your preferred cash price threshold, you can visit the Withdraw tab on the app. There are different redeem options for you to choose.

Airtime Redeem:

1000 Points = #300

2000 Points = #600

4000 Points = #1300

Bank Transfer:

8000 Points = #2600

10000 Points = #3300

18000 Points = #10000


20000 = $30

So, Is instanaira legit?


YES. Very legit as i am using and also redeemed my points for airtime. Below is a screenshot of my redeemed airtime transferred into my cellular network (MTN) worth #300.

How To Download Instanaira APP?

Not hard, just visit playstore and search for instanaira. Download and install it.

Or use the link below

Download InstaNaira Now

Do you have any question about this instanaira review? Feel free to use the comment box below.

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