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How To Start MTN Airtime VTU Buisness

Hi guys, it’s your lovely boy here again. Recently, I have been getting messages to teach how to sell MTN airtme VTU, and the good news is…. It’s here.

For some months now, people have been searching for ways to make extra income from home. Especially during the pandemic lockdown. I released some make money guides and also updated some old articles on this blog to keep everyone updated during the time.

Selling MTN virtual topup can make you some extra cash each day when you have good number of sales. You can make #1000 and above from selling mtn vtu daily.

In this article, I will show you step by step on how to register and start mtn airtime vtu business with ease.

so, sit back and enjoy!!!

Requirements to Start MTN Airtime VTU Business

You don’t actually need much capital or gadgets to run mtn airtime business.

All you need is a smartphone or small phone (phones with no internet features… like we call them).

You don’t need the internet. But, if your customers are from WhatsApp or other social media platforms, you need it. Just that the sending of airtime doesn’t need internet Data.

Capital as well… Yes, you need this. You can start with #5000.

How to Register for MTN Airtime VTU Vendor

On your android or iOS phone, locate MTN services. If you’re using a small phone, locate mtn MTK.

It might be on your phone extras or internet on small phones.

MTN services located on small phones

I’ll be using Android phone for this registration. Locate MTN services app on your app lists.

MTn services located on Andriod device

Click on Virtual TopUp

Click on register.

Enter your Surname.

Enter FirstName

Enter date of birth.

Enter state of origin.

After successfully filling the registration form, you will get a successful VTU wallet account created message.

The mobile number that you used will serve as your wallet number, so if you want to fund your wallet from other vendors, you have to give them the number.

MTN VTU Vending Code

To send airtime to people, check VTU balance or manage your VTU account, dial *456#.

Follow the ussd prompt to send airtime or manage your account.

Where To Buy VTU Wallet

To buy airtime to your VTU wallet for sharing, you need to contact a dealer. You can as well download MTN D2R app from playstore.

Buy from D2R app will automatically fund your wallet, and charged from bank.

You can contact me for buying as well. 08108150067. Both calls and Whatsapp.

Buy from MTN D2R app gives 4% discount While buying from dealers gives upto 6% discount.

You can sell to customers at 100% and keep the profits.

Hope Adeniran

A Nigerian entrepreneur blogger, Fish technologist and tech savvy. I write for blogs including You can connect with me on

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