How To Make Over #20000 Monthly In Nigeria

(Last Updated On: October 26, 2018)

Recently, I had been reviewing some websites here on CyberConnect NG on how one can make money with them. With this, I have verified their authenticity as they are paying their members regularly. You can become a thousandnaire and even a millionaire when you work harder.

make over #20000 monthly

We don’t have much to talk about today. But I really wanna teach you how to make over #20,000 monthly from both sites. Even, you can scale higher if you are hard working.

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Today, we will discuss NNU Income program and Income Program.  Also, the simple ways you can make use of to earn the said amount in the title of this article.

Both websites pays you for reading news, logging in daily, sharing sponsored posts, commenting and for inviting a friend. Their payments per task differs in some cases. As NNU pays #100 per sponsored post while Wakanda Pays #50 per sponsored posts.

NNU will pay you when your balance reaches #5000 while Wakanda will pay you when your balance reaches #4000. NNU pays at the end of each month while Wakanda pays every weekends (Sundays).

So, let us go through this ways to make over #20000 monthly in Nigeria

To register on NNU Income Program which costs #1600, click here to register.

To register on Income Program which costs #1300, click here to register.

What NNU Income pays per task

  • Daily login = #50
  • Commenting = #2
  • Shared Sponsored Post = #100
  • Invite Someone = #1000

That means you earn a constant #150 daily (if you only login to share sponsored posts).

So, to make money, you need to be active here.

Read 150 news daily to earn 150 * #2 = #300

Login and sharing of sponsored post = #150

That’s a total of #450 daily. Then for 30 days (1 month) = #13500/month

Also, on the other hand;

What Wakanda Income Program pays you per task

  • Login daily = #50
  • Share Sponsored Post = #50
  • Comments on post = #2
  • Invite someone = #1000

So, constant daily login and share sponsored posts = #100.

When you comment on 150 posts daily = 150 * #2 = #300

Total daily earning will be #400 and in 30 days, you earn #400 * 30 = #12000

#20000 plus earned

So, in total when earnings from nnu income and wakanda income are added up, you will be earning;

#13500 + #12000 = #25500 every month.

Isn’t this unique? 

I did not even add referral earning to it. If you can invite 5 people monthly into both networks, you earn extra #5000 on your earning.

I do say, laziness kills the mind and make one not to progress. It is now your turn to take a step.

Register On NNU Income Now and also Register On Wakanda Income Now.

You now hold the keys to your financial breakthrough…

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