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How To Invite All Friends To Like Facebook Page

Did you just created a page or group on Facebook and you are trying to invite all friends at once but you seem not to see an option for that? It gets frustrating when this happens. Would I now start to click on the invite button on after another? That’s how bad i felt when trying to add all friends on Facebook page.

But worry not, I have found a solution to this. And it works fast, easy and smooth.

Now, Follow these simple steps:

How To Add/Invite All Friends To Like Facebook Page Or Group

invite all friends to like facebook page

Firstly, You must be using a google chrome browser on your PC or laptop. Then, download the chrome extension below;

Download Chrome Extension

  • Login into your Facebook page or group account
  • Locate the Invite Friends Option
  • You will then see a Mark All Box at the top of the friends list.
  • Mark the Checkbox and click on invite

Finished, all is done. Apply same procedure to groups to while trying to add new members.

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