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Check Business Registration Status With CAC

How To Know If A Business Is Registered With CAC

Hi reader, I am back today with a brief guide on how to check business registration status with CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission).

Every business in Nigeria must be registered with the corporate affairs commission in order for the business to be classified as a legal business.

But, due to some unforeseen circumstances, not all businesses are registered.

If you come across a new business online or offline, it is required of you to first check whether is if fully recognized with the CAC.

That is what we will be looking at today in this article.

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How To Check Business Registration Status With CAC

check business registration status with cac

Before we discuss how to check if a company is registered in Nigeria, we must first examine those who are in charge of registering businesses in Nigeria.

The body responsible for the companies registration in Nigeria is CAC. CAC which means CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION was announced in 1990 for registration of companies and established by the ALLIED MATTERS ACT AND THE COMPANIES.

So, to check if the company or business is registered, follow the bellow steps:

Visit the Corporate Affairs Commission website below

Visit the Corporate Affairs Commission website

Locate and click on the “PUBLIC SEARCH”, it would then load you a search box.

Type the company name without `PLC’, `LTD’ and ` LIMITED’. Just the company name alone or insert the company RC NUMBER in the search here box.

The type “SEARCH”. If the company is valid them it showed display but if it’s not the other is the case.

With these steps, you will be able ti identify duly registered businesses in Nigeria.


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