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How To Activate and Deactivate MTN DND (Do not disturb) mode

Over the years, we have seen telecom networks dishing out different products, in order to have more channels of making money. These products are served to us in the form of Spam calls and texts, which can be informative and at the same time annoying. This article covers a comprehensive tutorial on how to activate MTN DND mode.

The MTN Do not disturb mode, popularly called MTN DND mode, is a provision for enthusiasts who no longer want to receive product advertisements (Spam calls and Texts) from MTN.

Enabling the MTN DND mode will cut you off from all the Spam calls and texts coming from MTN. Thereafter you would no longer receive spam messages or texts that take your hope high and crushes it afterward.

How To Activate  MTN DND (Do not disturb) Mode

Simply send STOP to 2442 to activate MTN DND (Do not disturb mode). This cuts you off from MTN advert spam calls and texts.

You can thereafter send DND status to 2442 to confirm if the Do not disturb mode service has been activated.

How To Deactive MTN DND (Do not disturb) Mode

The Spam text and calls gotten from MTN may be very annoying to many, however, their importance outweighs the annoyance in your case, therefore, Text HELP to 2442 to deactivate the MTN DND mode (Do not disturb mode).

Initiating that command will bring out a list of options peculiar to the kind of ads you want to continue seeing. Do well to reply with the number tag associated with the ad. Below are options you are likely to see.

For example, if I want to continue seeing Health ads, I will simply reply to the message thread with 4 or simply send 4 to 2442 if you are already conversant with the options.

– To receive all SMS and IVR Messages: ALLOW
– Banking/Insurance/Financial Products: 1
– Real Estate: 2
– Education: 3
– Health: 4
– Consumer goods and Automobile: 5
– Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT: 6
– Tourism and Leisure: 7
– Sport and IVR: 8
– Religion: 9
– Christianity: 91
– Islam: 92
– Others: 93
– Information on new products and services: 10
– News Alerts: 11

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