Learn Independent Data Reselling Business & Get These Huge Bonuses

Internet data bundle reselling business is not a new topic to discuss. I started this business in late 2017 and since last year (2018), I have been making enough profits on a monthly basis.

I don’t need to tell you what this business is all about again, as I had already written about it. You can read the beginner’s guide to start data bundle reselling business in Nigeria here.

If you go through that article, you will understand how this business works and how to make something out of it in a very short time.

This article is all about how to be a standalone business person in data bundle reselling business field.

But before that, let me share you a bit of my success journey. I promise, it won’t be boring…

This is no joke at all and no bragging…

How I started data reselling business

data reselling business

It was around September 2017, while I was in college. Looking for ways to make extra money from the comfort of my room when I stumbled upon a guy’s advertisement on nairaland about data bundle reselling.

I noticed his data prices were very cheap compared to that of the network and I started buying from him.

I proclaimed the good news to my friends, and as you know, students love cheap things. They were so eager to buy theirs too. So, I then thought of, how could I make money from these transactions.

I contacted the data seller on what will be my commissions for referring buyers to him and he replied: ” you get N50 on each transaction from you”. I thought that’s fair enough and we started making deals.

After some days, I thought of being the boss myself.

Why can’t I be on my own and make more money? Why would I work more for a token?

Those were the questions that kept popping up on my mind.

So, I contacted the data seller to teach me how to be independent in this business. He requested for payment of N5000 before he could teach me.

At first, I thought that’s too much to pay and as a student, I can’t afford that. I made some google search on other data sellers and contacted them too. They also requested for money.

It was one of them that I pleaded with to help me as I am a student trying to survive on my own. He then told me free things don’t last. That, it’s what you pay for that you will value more.

He then told me to pay N3500 for the tutor, which I did and he put me through the steps.

There is one thing I want you to know, which is very important:

Anytime you are sourcing for information, and you get it free of charge online or elsewhere, and this same information is held for purchase by an individual. I do advise to go for the paid one.

Especially if the information is business related.


Paid information is tested by the seller. He/she will guide and explain to your understanding, and they are always available for support. That’s what makes it different from each other.

The information on data reselling business I got from the guy was actually online, free of charge.

But, it wasn’t fully explained.

There were some restrictions that weren’t mentioned which the guy told me and explained how I could avoid them.

Though this is not applied to all information. But, when it’s business, I don’t go for free things.

For example, All guides purchased from this blog have lifetime support from me. I attend to every query my buyers send and I also help them. I do make sure what they pay for is worth paying for. That’s why I have more testimonies on each product sales page.

If you are just starting out, you can read the introduction article on data reselling business that I personally explained how you can start, and of course, how you can make more sales.

Enough of the piece of advice and story right?

Yes, now back to the main discussion.

I started vending data directly from networks myself and I took in all profits.

To get more awareness, I printed handbills that entailed my data prices and sizes and pasted them on walls around my college. Joined online groups (WhatsApp and FaceBook) and advertised there. Especially my school groups and I also give people who bring buyers commission like I had while I was new too.

With all these activities, I was able to get more sales and also more money daily.

On each sale, I was making least of N100 per sale and I do make over 20 sales daily. Which amounts to least of N2000 daily and #60000 monthly.

Each day, I kept thinking about ways to grow my data business and now, I have my online data vending company that has over 650 active resellers under it.

So, do you want to stand alone and call the online businesses a scam?

I am a fashion designer and a fish technologist who hasn’t put these learned skills to work (have plans though) but rather sit at home and make my money to my satisfaction.

I have other income sources online which also makes me over 5 figures each month.

You can access my profile on Facebook via the author’s box at the end of this article. I’m just very legit.

All these requires hard work. If you keep shouting scam, you are scamming yourself from earning opportunities without knowing.

Data reselling business is real and legit. It can make you a fortune if dealt with seriously.

Below are some of my weekly income proofs

Becoming an Independent Data Reseller

This is the only way you can take all the profits. The only way you can have lots of resellers to work for you.

You can learn this business directly from me at a cheap rate. I will let you know how to:

  • Vend all network data by yourself without visiting any website or contacting someone,
  • Where to buy bulk airtime at cheaper prices so as to maximize your profits,
  • To avoid restrictions so as to make enough gains,
  • how to capture more customers, resellers precisely.
  • Sell cableTV subscriptions.
  • send bulk SMS and make profits.
  • Sell VTU for all networks
  • Pay Electricity bills for people.

I made videos available for a better understanding. You will receive all the necessary information from me. Plus, lifetime support on this business.

All these for just N9000.

No, we are on promo now… Get access to all these for just ₦5000

It’s not a must for you to have this guide and tutorial.


You can continue with retail reseller. You can click the back button if you like.

But, if you look forward to earning over N90k monthly just like me, this lecture is absolutely for you, and I promise you won’t regret going for it.

Promo ends this December and price gets back to ₦5000

Kindly note that I’m not promising you of earning 90k per month instantly. You will start from somewhere but, when you are persistence, you earnings grow day by day.

Don’t chat me up for a discount or to ask if it is real. I will drop the call instantly. 

This is a no by force business. We also don’t want competition. I am just trying to help.

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]A lot of resellers out there are coming to me for data to resell. But, I want you too to have people running to you to resell. Take all the profits too and make more money.[/box]

If you are ready for business, make payment of ₦2000 Online now and your paid for files would be downloaded immediately.

Pay Online Now With Paystack

If you can’t pay online above, you can use the bank accounts below

UBA (ADENIRAN HOPE – 2100620937)

[box type=”success” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]After payment, send a text message of this format to 08105900070
Paid N5000 Data Business Guide from Your Depositor name. Date of payment, Email address.
eg. Paid N5000 data business guide from Olayinka. 17/4/2019, olayinka@gmail.com[/box]

You can as well WhatsApp me on 08105900070 for payment confirmation.

You won’t regret going for this business. Yes, I mean it.


I have also gotten a bonus for you. Only for those who bought this guide.

Recharge card printing Business (worth ₦50,000)

I will teach you how to start printing vouchers for all mobile networks (MTN, Glo, 9mobile & Airtel) at the cheapest rates ever.

Make money by selling bulk printed Airtime to retailers and even wholesalers.

You only need to pay for licence. (Software is free).

Meet me and the secrets in my guide.

How To Use WhatsApp As A Powerful Marketing Tool (worth ₦5000)

You will learn how to turn WhatsApp into a money-making machine. How to get people to trust you, save your contacts and buy your services.

This opportunity is limited. I can decide to give this guide out at N10000 anytime from now. So, it’s better to act fast while others are.

The above 2 bonuses will be yours once you make payment of ₦2,000 to the account details listed above. Don’t miss this opportunity as the bonuses can be withdrawn anytime.

Call 08105900070 or WhatsApp 08108150067 for inquires and payment confirmation.

Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you.

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Hope Adeniran

A Nigerian entrepreneur blogger, Fish technologist and tech savvy. I write for blogs including CyberConnect.com.ng. You can connect with me on hope@cyberconnect.com.ng.

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