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How Affiliate Program Works – Beginners Guide

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. This post was published on the purpose of giving you a clear insight on how affiliate program works in Nigeria step by step.

For you to have opened this page, you must have been researching on ways to make money online in Nigeria through affiliate marketing programs. Also, on ways to monetize your blog or website.

I can boldly tell you that affiliate marketing program is a real great way to earn money in Nigeria. A certain commission rate is set by the product vendor so promoter can earn when these products are sold.

Still not getting it? Okay, let me break it down…

How Affiliate Program Works

How Affiliate Program Works

When companies or individuals offer a product or service for sale, in order to promote this product, they look for people to help them market it.

They entice these marketers with a fixed percentage on each sales. These marketers are also known as the publishers, which you are one.

So, lets say i created a product and selling for $50. In order to reach more audience and make more sales, I offer publishers 20% on each sale.

This means when a product is purchased through a publisher, he/she earns $10 from that purchase.

I hope you get this now.

What’s next?

Can I make money from all affiliate programs?

This is a big NO.

There is a saying that “Jack of all trades, master of none”.

There are different niche of products to affiliate, you have to be specific. Register for only the affiliate programs related to your business.

This gives you total control on how to develop strategies for promoting your links. You will be able to focus and in-turn, gives you good income.

How To Promote Affiliate Links?

Promoting affiliate links is where the hard work comes in. You need to be creative and also be able to know what type of products fits a particular audience.

If you blog on health and fitness, and you are promoting a finance product to your audience, you should know there will be very low conversions from these audience.

So, learn to blend with your niche and audiences.

To promote affiliated products, you still have to follow the general promotion ways, which are;

  • Social Media promotion
  • Forum and Blog Commenting
  • Email Marketing
  • Sponsored Advertisements
  • Linking into Blog Posts
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These are the ways with which you can promote your affiliated products. It’s only left to you to set your strategy of promotion.

By now, you must have known how affiliate program works and how to promote them.

Have any questions? feel free to use the comment box and also remember to help a friend by sharing this post on your profile.

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