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Google Adsense Approval Tips With Ease

As we all know Google adsense has been one of the top best ways to generate money or monetize a blog or website.  Getting Google adsense approval has not been easy for some bloggers especially nowadays that google acceptance laws are strict. Google adsense only approves blog that are relevant and that can really help its readers.

Most blogs never get approved into the google ad network dues to some reasons which might be;

  1. They don’t offer relevant content.
  2. They are not real, they copy others.
  3. The blog only seem null. No sign of human (traffic) on it.
  4. Blog has been blacklisted maybe because of internet spamming and flooding of its link.
  5. Traffic source to blog is not reliable, maybe robots/PTClicks.
  6. Blog’s articles are not geniue.

Those are the main problems that hinder a blog from getting approved into google adsense network.

To scale through all these problems, you need to make certain corrections on your blog. I have listed below the tips you can follow to get accepted into google adsense network.

Google Adsense Approval Tips

google adsense approval tips

Be Niched: This simply means you need to be specific on a topic you blog about. If you are blogging on shoes, decide if you are to blog on leather shoes or rubber shoes. If you are to blog on Cars, decide if its on a particular brand, eg. Toyota or BMW.

With this, google will know you are talking about a topic.

Post Related Contents: On any topic you blog about, make sure to always write related articles on them. Do not deviate and always go in-depth.

Let Your Content Be Meaningful: Don’t just write and publish for publishing sake. Make sure to write contents that will help someone reading your blog. Try to solve a problem and make it understandable.

Encourage Your Readers To Leave Comments: Always encourage your readers to leave a comment on your post after reading them. When google discovers an active communication or feedback on your blog, they know you offer great things and this will prompt your adsense approval.

Have These Pages: Make sure to have a contact page, about page and a privacy policy page. Examples are that which can be seen at the extreme end of this page.

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A short story:

Cyberconnect NG was 2 months old when it was approved by google adsense. I had published just 7 articles and having around 27 comments on my blog when approved even with very low traffic (around 10 daily visits).

So, google adsense approval is not all about having huge traffic on your blog. It’s about offering relevant contents to relevant audiences.

If you can follow the above tips, I guarantee you a 90% approval into the adsense network when you apply. I have tried this and it works.

Feel free to drop any questions or additional advises you might want to share…Thanks


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