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God Of War Ragnarok Thor

Odin, Asgard’s lord, and Fjörgyn, a giantess, gave birth to god of war ragnarok Thor. Tr, Hodr, Bragi, and Baldur are his half-brothers. He’d marry Sif and have a daughter with her at some point in his life. Magni and Modi, Thor’s two sons, were both conceived with just an unspecified Jötunn and had separate moms (Sindri commented this was a “sordid story”).

god of war ragnarok thor

Brok and Sindri were tasked by Odin with creating Mjölnir, a mighty weapon that Thor would use to defend Asgard. Many years later, both dwarven brothers would come to regret crafting the hammer.

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Odin invited the stone giant Hrungnir to Asgard at some point. Hrungnir was goaded by Odin into making all sorts of boasts and antics, all for the enjoyment of the court, after becoming drunk on mead. When Thor arrived at the hall, the drunken giant’s threats did not amuse him, and he proceeded to pound Mjölnir so hard on Hrungnir’s skull that it shattered, with shards of granite sticking in Thor’s brain. He was so taken aback by the rock that he didn’t notice Hrungnir’s body crashing down on top of him. None of the Aesir in the hall had the strength to even move the corpse away from him. Magni and Modi, Thor’s sons, who were little larger than shrubs at the time, came to their father’s rescue and managed to remove Hrungnir’s body off him when no one else was seeing (except Mimir). Magni would receive all of Thor’s praise for becoming blonder, but Modi grew furious and jealous of his brother for not receiving any recognition for his contribution.

When the Giants caught Odin attempting to steal their secret knowledge of the future and forced him to escape Jötunheim, he fiercely commanded Thor to use Mjölnir to slay every giant in Midgard he could locate. Thor had already destroyed most of the Giants in Midgard (save Jörmungandr) and established a fearsome reputation as the most powerful Norse God in all the Nine Realms by the time Laufey died. the giant Thamur traveled to Midgard in quest of his son Hrimthur, Thor arrived and murdered the stonemason by forcing him to fall on his own chisel, crushing the fishing town that worshipped the Vanir God Njörd. Although Mimir claims that it was merely a case of chance and refers to Thor as the “sweaty bawbag,” Thor always acts as if he plotted to have the Giant fall upon the hamlet and destroy it.

Following the murder, Odin made a wager with Hrimthur, who had disguised himself as a human, to repair Asgard’s defenses in the shortest amount of time possible. When Odin realized Stonemason’s true identity as a Jötunn, he lost the bet and dispatched Thor to murder Hrimthur. Hrimthur, unbeknownst to Odin, had inserted a flaw in the walls and confided the secret of his deceit only to Freya in preparation for Ragnarök, when Surtr arrives to reduce Asgard to ash.

Thrym snuck into Jötunheim with Freya into the wedding feast between her and Thrym while he was asleep, Thor snuck into Jötunheim with Freya into the wedding feast between her and Thrym while he was sleeping. When Mjölnir, the Giant King, was revealed during the ritual, Thor appeared, reclaimed his hammer, and began slaying every Giant there, including Thrym, by breaking his head. That is, until Freya employed a spell to restore Thor and herself to Asgard, causing him to dislike her because he was also instructed by Odin to establish a presence in the realm.

Despite the fact that the God of Light had lost his sanity in the eyes of the other Aesir and was considered as dangerously deranged, Thor nevertheless retained entire faith in his brother Baldur.

Thor is a Norse god who is connected to thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, power, mankind’s protection, as well as hallowing and fertility. Thor is pictured as a barrel-chested, ugly man wielding a slew of magical weapons, ranging from a pair of magical gauntlets to a strength girdle. His most famous weapon, though, is the hammer Mjölnir, which is capable of crushing mountains.

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