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How To Get Your Blog Listed On Google Search Results

Add Your Blog To Show Up On Google Search Results

So you searched for your blog on google search engine and nothing came up, you wondered if at all your blog was even listed by google. Now, you are finding a way to do that. You are at the right place. To get your blog listed on google, you need not much thing or practice to do. Just follow my instructions below.

Many  bloggers still struggle to make their blog listed by google on search results and this is one of the greatest discouragements a blogger encounter that makes him/her quit blogging.

Stay calm and follow the steps below to get your blog listed on search engine.

How To Get Your Blog Listed On Google Search Results

get your blog listed on google search

Before your blog is listed on Google search engine, you need to submit your blog URL on Google wapmaster tool. With this,you are giving access to crawlers to crawl your blog and this also result to listing your blog to show up for relevant keywords.

Visit google search console here

Login with your gmail account or simply register a new one. After logging in, locate add property at the top right of your screen (as in screenshot below).

Then, enter your blog’s url version. As maybe, www or non and https or http.

You will be asked to verify your blog ownership by selecting any suitable verification mode you prefer.

If you are using option 1, which is HTML file upload, you will need to download the HTML file and upload it through your ftp to your root folder. Usually the public_html/ folder.

And option 2, copy the HTML code and add it within the <head> </head> section on your blogs template.

After doing any of these, click on the verify button.

Now, the last part is to submit your sitemap to google.

Locate sitemap on the tools menu and click the ADD/TEST SITEMAP

If you are using WordPress, your sitemap should look like this: and if blogger

You do not need to add the because it is already added by google. Just input the address after the forward slash.

After sitemap submission, you are done. Now you have given google the access to your blog and to get your blog listed on search results.

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