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Garanntor Affiliate Program – Earn 25% Per Sale

Garanntor is now one of the leading web hosting companies in Nigeria. This came true because they tend to put their customers first, not that other web hosting companies do not serve their users right. But, there is a huge difference. Garanntor offers her users a great way to earn, which is by its affiliate program. You can earn upto 25% commission with garanntor affiliate program whenever you refer someone with your unique link and a purchase is made.

As a blogger, a great way of earning significant income is always from affiliate programs. If you make research on top blog earners, you will discover that 60-75% of their income is through affiliate marketing. So, this really shows how great and cool it is to promote affiliated products on ones blog or any other platform.

I don’t really need to go into how affiliating works because i believe you must have known that. And if you are new, you can read this brief guide on how affiliate marketing works.

So now, lets quickly run through this…


How To Make Money With Garanntor Affiliate Program

Registration: all you need to do is become a user or member of garanntor by clicking the red banner below.

Become Garanntor Publisher Now

Promote Referral link: share your unique link with friends, blog readers, share on social media.

Don’t get the promotion aspects yet, i have an article for you. Read

Make Money: whenever someone clicks your link and a purchase is made, you earn 25% from the purchase amount. You don’t need to worry on people clicking but not ready to purchase any service. Garanntor has a 90 days cookies saver, this means when someone clicks and he/she is not ready for a purchase and the person revisits within a 90 days duration and make a purchase with same computer/mobile, you get paid as well.

Below is a caption on garanntor affiliate program, how it works and how you can make withdrawal.

garanntor affiliate program

You should now understand how garanntor affiliate program works and how to join, earn and payout.

Have any questions or additions, feel free to use the comment box below. Thanks.

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