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Effective Ways To Promote My Data Reselling Business 2021

How to skyrocket your data bundle reselling buisness

Effective ways of getting customers for your data reselling business.

effective ways to promote your data business

The no.1 purpose for starting a business is to make profits from it. Nobody wants a failed business. So, you start from somewhere to get to somewhere. Also, for business growth, there must be constant sales or patronizing of available products.

Data reselling business is not a neglected one (business) in Nigeria. As people cannot do without making use of the internet on daily basis and for this to happen, a data subscription package must be activated by the user.

So, activating these data bundle packages or subscriptions for internet users will make you some decent amount when summed up on a weekly or monthly basis and this depends on the number of sales you had at that particular time.

I believe you must be a data reseller or maybe you are just looking into becoming one. If not, make sure to check through my guide on how to start data reselling business in Nigeria.

I made mention of some ways with which you can promote and increase your sales in the above-mentioned guide but I will explain them better here.

Do you know who your first potential customers are?

These are your friends and family. They will always be the first set of people to patronize your services.

So, always give room to market your services to them first. They will be happy, calm, and secure to buy from you because they trust you.

Having known the first step about sales generation in the business, let’s look into how to get external sales or sales from those intending to buy (those that we/you have not known or met).

 How To Get More Customers For My Data Reselling Business

  • Use of handbills/banners: you might think this is an outdated way of making promotions. Don’t just think it’s only churches that make use of this advertisement medium.

It’s rising fast in the telecommunication industries nowadays as a means of reaching a larger audience. You too can utilize this medium and market your data bundle reselling business in your area or society.

You can paste your banners on commercial vehicles, walls, poles, and on shops dealing with tech gadgets or those offering telecommunication services.

  • Placing adverts on websites and blogs: you should have come across some of these kinds whereby people advertise their businesses on blogs either in form of banners or text ads. You too can place ads on blogs. Though it will cost you based on the blog’s traffic, the type of advert, and the position you would like to get it displayed.

Before you go into placing advertisements on blogs, you need to have researched if the blog would definitely bring you potential buyers for your services.

  • Use of social media: this medium has also been of great benefit to the improvement in sales and recognition of business worldwide. You should have an online presence for your business.

Share what you offer and build up your online presence. You should also ask your friends and families to help share your posts on their timelines to gain more exposure.

Factors that will help you grow even faster

As I have shared with you the effective ways with which you can promote your data bundle reselling business, I will also be sharing with you the things to do that will aid faster growth for your business in terms of sales and generating more customers.

  1. Always be quick in response to customers ’ chats or queries. You will be building trust as they would be safe with you.
  2. Make sure to deliver customer’s order as soon as possible. This builds trust and they will want more of your services and also they will recommend you to others.
  3. Lets your customers know the progress of their orders. This gives them rest of mind even if there is late delivery in case of poor network signals.
  4. Don’t ever go on credit. This kills the business and caused lots of setbacks. Always seek payments first before delivering the service requested.

With these tips and ideas, I believe you can now utilize them for the growth of your data business. Not just data business, but for all…

Thank you for your time reading this and I hope it will definitely help you. Please, remember to share this post on your timeline. It’s also an act of promotion. Help promote us too…

Hope Adeniran

A Nigerian entrepreneur blogger, Fish technologist and tech savvy. I write for blogs including You can connect with me on

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