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4 Effective SEO Tips To Increase Your Blog’s Ranking

A lot of bloggers, especially new bloggers have failed on their blogging journey due to not getting traffic on their blog. Driving traffic and ranking your blog can simply be made possible when you practice the right Search Engine Optimization Techniques.

That’s why I have organized these 4 effective SEO tips to increase your blog’s ranking on Google search engine.

Some bloggers just scream when they hear the word “SEO”. They do think it’s a very complicated course or practice.

But, what they seem not to understand is that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the simplest/easiest to understand and practice so far.

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Effective SEO Tips To Increase Your Blog’s Ranking On SERPs

If you want free/organic traffic for your blog, you must put to practice these whitehat SEO techniques I have explained below.

Backlinks are simply the links of your blogs placed on external websites or blogs. In simpler form, you can say they are links on other websites/blogs referring to your domain.

This might have happened when you post comments on other blogs, when you exchange links with friends, or when your posts are been shared on another blog giving credits back to your blog.

Backlinks generation helps SEO a lot. It increases your domain authority (DA). But, you should not just make backlinks, always make sure to comment and share guest posts on related blog niches with more user engagements.

You can use the free tools around like website stats checker to get information on a blog’s traffic and DA/PA so as to know where fit to make backlinks.

2.     Correctly Placing Your Targeted Keyword In Articles

For you to rank easily on search engines, you must know how to do keyword research. Making use of the right keyword in terms of low competitions but high search volume and inserting them in the right places or positions in your article will definitely trigger your search engine rankings.

The right places or positions to input your keywords are; title, excerpt, permalink, image alt tag, the first paragraph of your article, and at the end of your article. You can also add some LSI keywords to your other paragraphs in your articles.

3.     Social Media Sharing

A good way to get more exposure to your blog is through social media sharing. This also helps in the ranking of your blog posts. When your content gets exposed, it gets clicked, read, and even gets more social shares at times.

The use of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and so on will be of great benefit to your blog rankings when you share your posts and users gets to engage with it.

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4.     Practice OnPage SEO

OnPage SEO passes link juice to internally linked articles in your posts. Just as you have seen in this article, I linked to some relevant topics. When proper on-page SEO is done, you make search engines know you have the right resources about a particular topic.

You can fully learn what on-page SEO is and how to practice OnPage SEO here.

I could have added blog commenting and guest posting to the list but they both fall under backlink building.

These above explained practices are what I make use of on this blog and it perfectly works for me till date. You can also give it a trial.

Feel free to drop your comments and questions below and I will respond ASAP.

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