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Create or Own A Data Reselling Website In Nigeria

Hello readers, I am here again after a long time without an update on this blog. Buts, the good news is, I have come with an interesting topic on how you can own or create data reselling website in Nigeria.

Over the years, data bundle reselling business have been making waves and people are making thousands of money monthly from it.

It’s no long or new story that this business is now saturated. Though there are many resellers now, if you make your marketing plans well, you will make more money.

One of the best ways to run a data reselling business is owning a retail website where people can resell your services.

one of the best website I will use as an example is

This website offers an opportunity for its users to resell its services and make more profits. All you need to do is add your profits to the cost price on the website.

So, back to our discussion.

If you are looking forward to having your own data reselling website, all you need is capital.

data reselling website

Data Reselling Website Types

There are basically 2 types of data reselling websites. We have;

  • Independent websites
  • API connected websites

Let’s quickly go through the 2 types above.

Independent website

This type of website sells directly from your end. meaning, you are not connected to anyone. You vend data directly from your sim cards.

You control the prices as you buy directly from the network. If you want to learn how to buy directly from the networks in bulk at a cheaper rate, read this article.

This website creation cost varies from #120k to #500k.

The cost depends on the features and services present on the website.

If you need an independent data reselling website, you can contact us via the number that I will share at the end of this article.

Now, let’s move to the next data bundle reselling website type.

But before that, please take note of this;

Apart from the cost of website creation, you will need capital for buying bulk data from the networks which cost around #300k, if you are willing to sell at extremely low prices like other website owners.

API Connected data reselling Website

This type of website doesn’t require huge capital. They are connected to an independent reseller site like the one mentioned above, which offers an API feature. With this API feature, your website is linked to the independent website, and any purchase made on your API website will be deducted from your account on the independent reseller site.

This means that you need to have your wallet funded on the independent API website so as for your API-connected website to run smoothly when your customers make purchases.

The cost of having this type of data vending website ranges from #40k to #100K, depending on the services and features rendered.

You don’t need to have huge capital to buy bulk from the networks in this case. You can start with as low as #2000 by funding the partner site wallet.

My Recommendation

To be frank with you, I recommend you have an API-connected website. Because there are disadvantages to having an independent website which leads mainly to loss.

I explained this well in the article I shared earlier in this article. To be on the safer side, an API-connected website is best.

All you do is, link to an already independent website and resell their services. This saves you the risk of sales limit and capital as well.

But, if you have enough capital and ready to extremely market your services, you can go for the independent retailer website.

How to Get Your Website Done

For the First 10 people who are ready and contact me, I will create an API-connected data reselling website for just #40k.

The features that will be on the website include;

  • Automated data bundles
  • Automated Airtime VTU
  • Automated Cable TV Subs
  • Automated BIlls Payment (Electricity)
  • Automated Wallet funding with ATM cards (paystack only)
  • Manual bank payments and Approval
  • user package upgrade system
  • credit user wallet
  • Debit user wallet
  • Refferal System
  • Website Notification
  • Edit product prices based on user packages.
  • Wallet refund system

Those are all the feature that will be present on the website.

You can check out as demo.

Contact US

Are you ready?

Contact me today on WhatsApp and calls via 08102751724

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