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CoolNaira Network Review : Earn N500 Per Referral Instantly

I had always been saying affiliate networking is the future, where we will all make money together happily. This is a well written CoolNaira Network review.

Welcome to CyberConnect Nigeria where we discuss about small businesses and how to make money in Naija. All that you will learn here are real, tested and paying.

Coolnaira Network is a Nigerian online networking program invented by the G-Cyber Tech group who we also know to run the famous NNU (Nigerian News Update).

Coolnaira network has been in existence far more than NNU, and it has been paying its members since creation till date. Just that, NNU override this program because of the cool features it offers.

The Complete CoolNaira Network Review

Coolnaira network review
Coolnaira network review

In this review, you will learn how coolnaira works? how you can become a member? and make money from coolnaira and how you get paid by coolnaira into your Nigerian bank account.

How CoolNaira Network Works

Coolnaira Network is a Uni-Level MLM (Multi-level Marketing) network program, where you need to refer before you earn. You have to pay a certain fee before you become a verified member (you can also say upgrade of account).

The idea of earning on coolnaira network is very simple. Each member earns from other members purchases (those they invited to the program).

Requirements to join coolnaira Network

  • Any mobile phone or computer with an internet connection
  • Bank account where you will receive your payments
  • #1000 for your upgrading fee. This is the least membership package you can buy.

There are 3 user membership packages you can upgrade to on coolnaira, and each membership plans has its own earning advantages.

Here’s what I mean:

Coolnaira has 3 packages its members can upgrade to;

  1. Premium Pack which costs N1000
  2. Deluxe Pack which costs N6000
  3. Apex Pack which costs N10000

The good news is, you earn 50% on all purchases your invited members make. But, this is limited to your plan.

If you are a premium pack user and you invited someone who upgrades to deluxe or apex, you will earn only N500, as your pack is not bigger than that.

Register on CoolNaira Now

How To Earn On Coolnaira Network?

This is the concept. When you introduce people to participate and they purchase the coolnaira package under you with your referral link or sponsor name, you earn 50% from their payment.

So, lets make the premium pack as an example here.

If you join the network and make a purchase of coolnaira product with N1000, and you invited people using your link or username. If that person joins and makes a purchase of premium plan too, you earn N500 instantly.

Also, you will earn down the ladder to 4 levels deep. You will earn 10% on level 2-4 of your downlines. These are the people your referrals brought into the program.

Your earnings are unlimited on coolnaira as there is no cap or maximum number of referral you must-have on a level.

This mean, the more you invite, the more you earn.


If you can bring in 10 people daily, you earn:

N500 * 10 = N5000 daily

N5000 * 7 = N35000 weekly and N140000 monthly.

How To Receive Your Payments

This is very simple. There is a form to fill while registering that requires your banking details.

You get paid every weekend directly into your provided bank account with no extra fees charged.

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How To Register On Coolnaira Network?

  • Join Coolnaira Network by registering here.
  • Fill the registration form properly with valid email address and make sure to have a sponsor name (mine is Cyberhope). If your sponsor’s name shows up automatically, do not edit.
  • Login to your account with created username and password and click upgrade account on the menu list. Follow instructions there.
  • To get your unique referral link, click on promotional center. Also, you can see your referral details there.

How to promote your link?

You can promote your link by sharing it with friends on social media. Find a strategy to use, maybe by writing a brief article on your wall and including your link.

PS: Do not flood your wall or other peoples wall so as not to get banned or suspended.

Also, you can make use of online forums and blogs for your promotions. You can make paid adverts on blogs too. You can advertise your banner here on cyberconnect for a token.


This coolnaira network review must have cleared all what you need to know about the network. Yours is now to register and start making money. I have done the hard work by figuring out if its legit or not.

Join Coolnaira Netrwork by registering here.

Have any questions? Please feel free to ask by using the comment section below. I am fast at replying.

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