Google Adsense Approval Tips With Ease

As we all know Google adsense has been one of the top best ways to generate money or monetize a blog or website.  Getting Google adsense approval has not been easy for some bloggers especially…

how to add themes on wordpress blogs

How To Add Themes On WordPress Blogs Easily

Hi blogger, I know you are new to blogging. So, you just created a blog and you just don’t love how it looks and you want some good designs or theme to make it more…

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seo best practices

4 Effective SEO Best Practices To Increase Your Blog’s Ranking

Ranking your blog on search engine is not an easy task but, when you practice the seo best practices, with time, your blog’s ranking will increase.
These practices are what i make use of for ranking this blog. you too can try them out and see a positive return.

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get your blog listed on google search

How To Get Your Blog Listed On Google Search Results

So you searched for your blog on google search engine and nothing came up, you wondered if at all your blog was even listed by google. Now, you are finding a way to do that….

reduce bounce rate

What Is Bounce Rate And How To Reduce Bounce Rate

You created a blog, published articles, drove traffic to the page and you noticed those visitors are not staying for long on your blog and this definitely means, there would be low returning visitors. When…

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Becoming A Successful Blogger

Tips For Becoming A Successful Blogger 2018

Becoming a successful blogger is never a day job, you must have experienced a lot, encountered and solved problems, been insulted by some and you must have endured the critics and kept moving. It is…