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Tips For Becoming A Successful Blogger 2021

Becoming a successful blogger is never a day job, you must have experienced a lot, encountered and solved problems, been insulted by some and you must have endured the critics and kept moving. It is when you have probably gone through all these that you can proudly call yourself a hustled blogger.

There are some tips I will share with you today about what constitutes a successful blogger, these tips on becoming a successful blogger sounds easy while been read, but the fact is, if you don’t put them to use, it is never easy.

Tips On Becoming A Successful Blogger

Becoming A Successful Blogger

Good Planning: Since we take blogging as a business, every business must have a plan. Make a plan of what you will do within some period of time. Make schedules of your performing activities. That is, when to write articles, publishing time, promotion time and so on.

When you schedule your article writing and publishing to either weekly or monthly, your audiences would have been familiar with this and always be expecting fresh contents and updates from you on those basis.

With an effective blog plan, things will be come easy and your audience will not be missing out from you.

Take A Step: After you have your good blog plan, taking a step is next thing to do. A lot of bloggers do make plans but to take a step is hard for them, these results to failure in blogging. Never refuse to take a step no matter what.

When I started blogging, I started on a mobile phone. I wasn’t freaked out because I don’t own a PC or laptop. I took a step and now I have both.

Be ready to work towards your planning and results will show as time moves.

Dedication: This is not left out as well. When you take a step you have to be dedicated to your planning. Don’t get distracted by others. One thing that causes distraction is when you have no good planning for your business. How?

Remember I mentioned earlier that you should schedule your activities. What brings about distraction here is excess internet surfing. When you spend a lot of time browsing other blogs, you tend to start thinking diversely. This is when you will what to have a design as such, start a niche as such and also, when you see their activities, you get depressed and be like “am I not trying at all, I think this line of blogging is not for me”.

This kind of distraction is what most bloggers be victims to, especially new bloggers. And within a short period of time, you see their blogs are outdated and blablabla…

So, always be dedicated to your plans, don’t sway from it. Be dedicated.

Stick To Niche: You should have known that niche blogs are the well performing ones. Don’t ever diverse into what you have no knowledge about. This also leads to distraction and a confused audience. And you know what a confused audiences result into.

What I mean is, if your blog is on technology and you are also posting about dogs, you see the huge difference there. This can bring down a blog in days if not corrected, not to even talk of a new blog still fighting for traffic.

Stick to your niche and always produce qualities for your reader.

Quality Content: The common statement you hear from bloggers, even from a newbie is “content is king”. It is not until you write a 2000 words article that your content is quality. NO.

Your article might be short and is of good quality. Make sure to give answer and relate with what your article title inscribe. When you discuss a topic, make sure to give a well detailed and arranged article.

You can make researches on how to go about writing a quality article but you must as well see this piece from BloggerTipsTricks on quality content writing.

When you do these, you will discover your articles will get lengthy and of course, be of great quality.

User Engagements: Try to add at the end of your article a request from your audience to make comments and ask questions if not understood. This even makes your reader comfortable as they know they would definitely get a reply since you made the request.

Also, when a comment is made or question is asked, always try to reply as soon as possible. You can try to engage notifying them in your replied comment that you have mailed them, maybe in order to solve the problem they faced or for follow-ups.

Engaging with your readers brings about them trusting you. And when you are trusted, they will definitely advertise and recommend you.

Promotion Strategies: For you to become a successful blogger, you must also have a promotion strategy for your blog. Develop a way of reaching out to the right audience. Don’t limit yourself to only one promotional method.

Develop the act of associating with like minded bloggers in your niche. You can share ideas of promotions and implement them together.

Social media is widely used for promotion. Don’t just share contents to your social profile. Try to write short description or summaries of posts you are willing to share. This will let your friends or fans know what they are going to learn, even, this brings about more social shares.

Relate With Other Bloggers: This very tip cannot be left out either. You should learn to relate with bloggers in your niche. When you do this, you are forming a strong friendship and it leads to recommending one another for businesses as well as promotions on individual’s blogs.

Also, it will help you when it comes to creating backlinks and guest posting quick approval.

You learn from them as they learn from you too, you discuss on some topics and you have ideas on what next to write about.

Patience: The most of all is patience. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post that success cannot be attained in a day. It might take weeks or months to start seeing changes on your business.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You must have patience to see good results.

After putting all these tips into use, you are guaranteed success. Remember all these can happen without you taking a step. I wish you good luck.

Do you have additions to these tips or questions, you are highly welcomed. You can use the comment to below and also remember to share this article with a friend. Someone might be in need for this. Thanks.

Hope Adeniran

A Nigerian entrepreneur blogger, Fish technologist and tech savvy. I write for blogs including You can connect with me on


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  2. I got referred to your blog from Naira land, I am motivated when you said Blogging has given you a phone and a laptop. I have just one phone and I hope I get something out of this blogging

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