Google Adsense Approval Tips With Ease

As we all know Google adsense has been one of the top best ways to generate money or monetize a blog or website.  Getting Google adsense approval has not been easy for some bloggers especially…

how to add themes on wordpress blogs

How To Add Themes On WordPress Blogs Easily

Hi blogger, I know you are new to blogging. So, you just created a blog and you just don’t love how it looks and you want some good designs or theme to make it more…

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rantmoney income program

RantMoney Income Program (Make Over N20000 Monthly)

RantMoney Income Program: Over the past few months, Nigerians seem to only browse the internet without getting any reward. Broad light came when NNU started paying news readers. With this innovation by NNU, other firms started following the…

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not making money online

Why You Are Not Making Money Online

A lot of internet users would love to make some extra cash online. No matter how hard they had tried, they seem to always get stuck on the same spot. They are not making money…

ways to make money from a new blog

4 Ways To Make Money From A New Blog

On the internet today, there are many ways to make money from it. One of such is BLOGGING. Blogging has been a great way to build an online presence and audience and also utilized to make money…

blog9ja income review

Blog9ja Income Program Review – BE WARNED!!! READ THIS BEFORE INVESTING

Despite that a lot of people are now into making money online reading news, some people still have hard minds about these programs. Blog9ja Income Program is another version of these pay to read websites….