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Hello Reader, Thanks for visiting our advertising page.

This page contains a detailed price lists of our Ad space rentage to our prospective readers and clients.

Placing adverts on CyberConnect NG will promote your business as we cover how to make money online, reviews on apps, business websites, networking etc.

So, you can advertise your business, affiliate links/products, your eBooks, Products, etc.

Your adverts will be exposed to thousands of visitors monthly that are vying for useful information on CyberConnect NG.

Prices of Adverts

For you to place your ads on Cyberconnect, there are certain spaces you can book an ad for;

Sponsored Post (published forever and sticky to homepage for 3 weeks) = $10 (#3000)

Header AD (Banner 720*90) = $10 (#3000)/Month

Header Text AD = $5 (#1500)/Month

Sidebar AD (Banner 300*250) = $10 (#3000)/Month

Sidebar AD (LandScrapper Banner) = $10 (#3000)/Month

Footer AD (Banner 720*90) = $3 (#1000)/Month

Footer Text AD = $2 (#500)/month.

Above are the current prices we lease out spaces for advertisements.

Kindly contact

Or  +2348105900070 / Whatsapp Here

for more details and adverts placements.


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