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5 Legit Ways To Earn Bitcoins For Free

Is there really a way to earn Bitcoins for free, without having to invest or deposit a penny? 

Yes, there is. In fact, there are multiple channels through which you can earn free bitcoins without any deposit. 

There’s so much noise all over the internet on how to earn bitcoins for free, when you click some of those “how to make free bitcoins” articles to read, when you follow up some of the sites listed in the articles, they turn out to be scams and a total waste of time. 

Do you want to know legit ways you can earn free bitcoins? That’s what you’re looking for right? Exactly what you’ve been searching for all over the internet? 

Well, search no more, because I’ve got what you’re looking for right here. 

In this article, I’m going to show you some of the top-notch ways you can earn bitcoins for free without investing a single cent. With the methods I’ve covered here, you don’t have to worry about depositing a dime. The only investment required is your time and effort. 

Can you do that? Are you willing to invest your time and effort in order to earn bitcoins for free? 

Here it is:

5 legit ways you can earn bitcoins for free

earn bitcoins for free

1. Faucet sites. 

2. Bitcoin games. 

3. Bitcoin affiliate programs. 

4. Getting paid in Bitcoins for writing articles. 

5. Mining. 

1.Faucet sites

Faucet sites are sites which give users a small amount of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies every few minutes for viewing Ads displayed on the site. 

How it works is simple, register with the site, view the Ads displayed on the site, and in turn, you’ll earn a small amount of bitcoin every few minutes. It’s similar to PTC (paid to click) sites. 

Companies pay these sites for placing adverts on their sites, in order to get people to view the ads, these sites allocate a small amount of bitcoins to users who click on the ads. 

Here are some of the most trusted and legit faucet sites that pay their users well:





2.Affiliate programs

With this method, all you have to do is to promote a product through your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blog or your other social media handles.

A lot of cryptocurrency exchanges, product and services offer affiliate programs, in which you sign up for, after signing up, you’ll be given an affiliate link which you’ll use to promote that product or service. 

If you can manage to get people to click on your link and make purchases through your link, then you’ll receive a commission in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency which you can convert to bitcoin. 

Here’s a list of some sites that offer affiliate programs:



3. Binance

4. Coinsquare

3. Freelance writing. 

Can you speak through your pen? Are you good with words? Can you put a pair of words together to create a compelling and engaging article? 

If you can write, then you can earn bitcoins from your writings. 

The crypto industry is an evolving industry, and it’s generating a lot of news, and information on a daily basis. 

So many sites are in need of good writers who can help them write and follow up on trending news in the crypto industry. 

If you can write well, this is an opportunity for you to earn bitcoins and other altcoins with your writing skills. 

You can search for “Jobs section” in cryptocurrency publications. You can also email specific sites for work or you can create a writer profile on upwork

4. Bitcoin mining. 

There are sites where you can mine bitcoins for free. The thing with this method is that you’ll only make peanuts — just a small amount of bitcoin if you’re a freeloader. You can mine free bitcoins from these sites:

  2. Bitminer. io

5. Playing games. 

There are games you can play and get rewarded with a small amount of bitcoins, but these games are filled with adverts. The developers use bitcoin reward as a way to keep you playing, and viewing the ads while they make money from displaying ads.

When you play the game, and view the ads displayed, you earn a small amount of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. 

No investment, no risk involved, you’re safe. 

Here’s a list of games you can earn bitcoin from while playing:

  1. Spark profit
  2. Altcoin fantasy
  3. Cash Clamber
  4. Satoshi quiz
  5. Quiz BTC

There you have it: 5 ways you can earn bitcoin with zero investment, what you have to do is to choose the one that’s best for you, and start earning.

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